An honest and consultative approach

At EMS, we are motivated by providing a tailored, high quality service to our clients, underpinned by an honest, consultative and down to earth approach.

As a result, we develop genuine partnerships and long term relationships with our clients, and our levels of repeat business are therefore excellent.

As our consultants are all specialist in their discipline, we are industry experts, can speak confidently around candidate availability, market trends and changes, and can advise on and add value to all elements of a job specification.

Whether we are working on a retained and exclusive basis, or taking a contingency approach, we work to structured yet simple processes. We aim to ensure that candidates match the specification both in terms of technical skills and culture fit, and through our stringent screening methods, we ensure that anyone under consideration is totally committed to the recruitment process.

We target ourselves on and then measure our efficiency through a number of business KPIs such as ‘Time to Hire' and ‘CVs sent per placement made' to ensure that we are working quickly and effectively, but always with a focus on quality of service.

We ask all clients to give us feedback following each successful placement, which culminates in our Customer Satisfaction Rating, this has never slipped below an average of 9/10.