Our Managed Assignment Process

The structured process we apply to managed assignments is tried and tested over several years, and guarantees a successful placement, even on the most difficult requirement.

It is characterised by the following:

Client meeting and preparation of job/person specifications

We ask all clients to set aside an hour to meet with our recruitment consultant. The resultant discussion around the role assists greatly in the preparation of both a tailored job specification and person specification which are bespoke to your role and requirements. At this point, a site tour also aids the consultant to gain a better feel for the type of person who will best suit your organisation.

Face to face candidate interviews

We will personally meet* and qualify all potentially relevant candidates using a range of general and competency based questions to ensure that any shortlisted applicant can do the job and just as importantly, has the desire to do the job and join your team. If the role is confidential, then we can keep your company details to ourselves until the shortlist has been submitted and you have selected candidates to interview.

*in the event timescales or circumstances prevent a face to face meeting, we use video conferencing to facilitate a face to face interview

Stringent Process Management

We agree a decision making process in advance to ensure both client and candidate are aware of shortlist and interview dates, meaning there is very rarely any slippage on the timescales we initially promise to work to. We maintain very regular communication with all candidates to ensure they are kept fully informed of progress, and also that we are completely aware of any changes to their position. We offer advice with regards to counter offer scenarios, and keep abreast of any other pending applications, all with the ultimate aim of making sure that all candidates remain committed to your process.

Direct search

In the event that your requirement is particularly difficult to source for, or potentially confidential, you may wish us to employ a direct search to ' head hunt' the correct calibre of candidate. We are able to offer a direct search service as required.

Recruitment advice for clients

We realise that some of our clients are not particularly well experienced in recruitment and interviewing. We can therefore offer advice on interview techniques and structuring an assessment process, and can provide information on additional psychometric testing services as required.