The importance of a great CV

Your CV needs to speak for you, and therefore it's crucial that it gives as strong a first impression as possible. Our key advice on CV writing is detailed below.

  • List your most recent experience first, this will be of most interest to a prospective employer
  • Ensure that your CV is easy to read and not too verbose
  • Bullet point information and paraphrase wherever possible, it is much easier to read than lines of text
  • It is vital that you include both responsibilities and achievements – not just what you can do but how this makes a difference to your employer and justifies your existence
  • Ensure that these achievements are quantifiable, for example, pounds and pence cost savings, or efficiency improvements, or examples of people development, awards or recognition for your work
  • We don't recommend a ‘maximum' number of pages, some candidates have more to document than others, but if you have pages and pages of writing, it is probably too long!
  • Ensure your CV has been formatted and spell checked before sending it on to an employer or recruitment consultancy

If we receive your CV and feel it still needs development, then we will always offer constructive guidance in order to ensure you are effectively portraying yourself and your abilities