How to ensure you're ready for the interview

Your CV has secured you that all important opportunity to meet with a client, the next part of our service ensures you are ready for this meeting

We commit to providing you with a detailed briefing in terms of the client company, available position, and key elements we expect the client to cover during the interview process, but how you use this information is down to you.

Please consider these generic points when preparing for any interview:

  • Research the company and role thoroughly - although we will have briefed you on the basics, it is always worth going that little bit further, perhaps to source information online or in the press that would give you more insight into the business and its culture, and offer up ideas for questions you may wish to put to your interviewer
  • Consider dress code - typically we would recommend business attire for any interview, unless agreed otherwise in advance
  • Consider location - if you are unsure about the commute, it may be worth doing a practice journey beforehand, or arranging to be interviewed one side of rush hour so that you can do a ‘dummy run' in a real life scenario
  • Prepare for the questioning - you should be completely familiar with your CV and think through the major career achievements you definitely wish to mention at interview
  • Use this simple format to ensure you answer succinctly:

    SITUATION - what was the objective?
    ACTION - what did you do?
    RESULT - what did you achieve? How was this quantified?
  • Ask the right questions - an interview is a two way process, you need to be clear as to whether you would want the job, furthermore you will be judged on the quality of your questions as well as your answers. Plan in advance for questions around the company, role, challenges, culture, prospects, new projects etc.
  • Show your enthusiasm - look to build rapport for the interviewer and engage with them, then take care to project your interest in the role and the challenge it would bring. Sometimes this enthusiasm is the difference between two candidates with similar technical skill sets and can win a candidate the position when there is a close call
  • Ask for feedback - don't be afraid to gauge the interest of the client yourself. If you ask them outright, and they do show doubt over a particular element of the interview, it could be a great opportunity to overcome this concern or clarify a misunderstanding.
  • Contact EMS with your thoughts - we really need to speak to you before we hear from the client, so please call us immediately to discuss your thoughts post interview. It's likely we will have agreed to speak to the client later that day and it's important we know how you are feeling to confirm next steps
  • Be yourself - the fit will only be right if your skills and personality are a good match to the position. Therefore be honest, and true to yourself and your strengths

And lastly, good luck! We hope this process leads to you obtaining your dream career move.