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MANCHESTER, UK - In the fantastic abstractly built Lowry Centre in Salford Quays, I took part in a 'Grow Your Business' seminar hosted by Synergy Technology (@SynergyTechUK). The session aimed to deliver advice on using LinkedIn to develop your Social Selling abilities and provide insight into modern marketing techniques.

Mike Clark - LinkedIn for Business

After brief introductions and a mammoth caffeine injection, Aussie, Michael Clark (@mikeclark03) - not to be confused with the famous cricketer - kicked off proceedings with his 'LinkedIn for business' tips. Mike is part of the world's number one LinkedIn training outfit, Really Connect (@ReallyConnect). Straight off the bat he gave an excellent argument for using the social media platform and even managed to convert a few self-confessed doubters into LinkedIn enthusiasts!

The most important point I took from Mike's presentation was how powerful LinkedIn can be as a lead generating tool if used correctly; allegedly you can achieve 45% more opportunities by Social Selling. Mike outlined that for any social media strategy to succeed, it has to be led from the top and as an effort from the whole business and not just the marketing team - this was a good affirmation for me as it's something I've been trying to encourage at EMS.

Here are some of the key findings I took away from the morning:

  • Social Media in business is a company wide effort
  • You must define clear goals and plan your social activities
  • The incredible functions of the 'Advanced Search' feature on LinkedIn
  • The importance of your employees' profile pages being coherent and reflecting the busines. Including - Name, picture, job title, description, header image, contact info etc
  • Have a proactive networking attitude without expecting something in return
  • Quality of content is more important than quantity
  • Network! There are many features on LinkedIn allowing you to fish in other people's connection pools: People you may know, alumni, colleagues and search etc
  • You can make notes on people and tag them. Sales Navigator is a new premium service allowing good lead management and aspects of CRM.

Mike was a very interactive speaker and was always encouraging audience input, often invoking very productive conversation. I'd definitely recommend LinkedIn training from Really Connect to anyone.

Email: mike@reallyconnect.com
Twitter: @mikeclark03

Steve Kemish - Marketing in 2015

Following a lunch break, which included a brief stroll around the Lowry Art Gallery - and more coffee, of course - I took my seat for the afternoon session. This was delivered by an accomplished marketer, Steve Kemish, who discussed marketing trends and key techniques for 2015.

After a not so glowing endorsement for sales people, Steve outlined the importance of developing Social Proof through testimonials and behavioural economics. He mentioned how, despite this digital age, physical marketing elements still have a place. The seminar also advised strategizing content marketing by identifying buyer personas and segmenting the market before posting untargeted copy.

Steve was a very accomplished public speaker, his presentation was very entertaining with plenty of jokes arced throughout and a cheeky Derren Brown-esque trick to top it all off. He'd embedded subtle references to an audience member's social media activity in his slides and then proceeded to recite the girl's life story like a Sherlock Holmes deduction monologue. By the time she had realised it was a masterful set-up, Steve's point that there's a lot to learn about someone online in order to target them and produce a positive response was well received.

Finally, after playfully terrorising a gentleman on the front row - another stand-up technique used well - Steve outlined some important lessons in decoy pricing, marketing automation, twitter as a customer service tool and different types of content. The lessons were thought provoking and very useful.

Twitter: @skemmo

All-in-all Synergy did an excellent job with the event, Emily Forest kept the day running smoothly and their Senior Manager, Tony Poole, had some valuable input.

Synergy on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/341329


Sean Pollock
Social Media & Marketing Assistant
EMS Recruitment Group 
Twitter: @EMSsigma

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