5 Tips to landing your perfect Graduate Engineering Job

5 Tips to landing your perfect Graduate Engineering Job
#Graduates! Show your mettle.

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Graduate Engineer Shortage? According to 'The Engineer' there is!
"Britain is being held back by a major shortage of science and engineering students, or so we are told on what seems like an increasingly frequent basis. Yet ask most recent graduates whether they've found it easy to get a job in engineering and they'll probably tell you that competition is fierce."

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Hey, Graduate Engineer, you have a degree but how do you land your perfect job?

1. Realise the depth of the industry and the many sectors available to you to work in.

EMS offers the chance to work within the Manufacturing and Engineering industry across a broad spectrum of roles. Developing a spaceship? Aye aye, Captain! Want to be the next Walter White - minus the Meth? Chemical careers are highly skilled and highly rewarding! Develop packaging for sausage rolls? MMM yes, that too!

Check out the sectors you can work in

2. Utilise your CV!

Research the skills sought by the prospective employer and match your experience to these. Use a skills-based or chronological format, depending on what sells you best. Tailor your CV for each recruiter and make it clear, easy to read and miscake free mistake free.

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EMS Graduate Tips

3. Be more than just a number on a CV... 1st? 2.1? Great. But what else do you offer?

  • Companies are looking for a well-rounded workforce with a range of attributes:
  • Be a problem solver! Analyse situations and find a solution.
  • Motivated. Demonstrate drive and willingness to succeed.
  • Commercial awareness. Research the company, market and trends.
  • Accuracy. Waste can cost companies millions a year, be efficient.
  • Team-working. Unless you're the Cristiano Ronaldo of Engineering, use your team mates.
  • Good Communication. Help the process and maybe get home early!
  • Quick learning. You're a Graduate that's easy, right?
  • Flexibility and adaptability. A site can encounter many problems throughout the year, be ready.
  • Enthusiasm. Demonstrate that you enjoy your craft; the employer will pick up on it.
  • Good Planner. You know the difference between a dream and a goal? A plan.
4. Understand the recruitment process and be ready.

Everyone does it differently, ask our Recruitment Consultants for tips on your interview. Make sure you're not surprised on the day by a practical task or by not having the right information with you. Don't be afraid to ask employers questions either, they don't bite y'know!

5. Gain Experience.

Nothing is more valuable than having experience under your belt. Use Linkedin to connect with and read other Engineers experiences and gain valuable insight into the world of work. Volunteer your services for a few months or make work experience part of your University programme.

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