Amazing 3D Printing Products: Guns, Body Parts & more.

3D Printing is one of the most exciting technologies currently available on the market. The innovative equipment is convenient and best of all it's cheap(ish)! We're taking a look at the best three-dimensional products available, you will be shocked at what the can make using a printer...

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3D Casts

Removable ultrasound healing cast that heals broken bones 80% quicker. Your friends probably can't sign it...but it doesn't smell!

3D Clothes & Shoes
If printable wardrobes are the future, then the lady's line to buy one will be out of the door and around the block!

3D Cars
It seems hard to grasp that you could soon be driving something that's came out of a printer, but that's exactly that an independent company have developed: 'Urbee' - the 3D printed car! I wonder if you can put Google images on the body?

3D Organs
This is the ultimate 'I don't believe it' product...3D organs (and skin!) Scientists are actually printing organs that are incubated for several weeks and assigned to a person. Fancy a new nose? New ears? Michael Jackson might've saved a fortune with this one.

3D Instruments
We've all heard of, or been unable to avoid, 'One D' in the music industry but now there's 3D. Musicians will no longer have to worry about snapped guitar strings with 3D instruments on the market.

3D Food
NASA are key stakeholders in the development of making 3D food, they've given Bruce Willis and Co. a break from saving the world and exploring the stars to help progress 3D Pizzas.

3D Guns
It mightn't be the safest thing to have a potentially destructive arsenal of weapons in every household across the globe, but from a military POV, this is revolutionary.

And it doesn't stop there! 3D printing has been spread across all fields, cameras, houses and bikes, the possiblities are endless. There's even 3D Printers that print 3D Printers!

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