The business said that the proposal for the Manesty site is not one that it took lightly, adding that it has looked at other options over the last years but identified that the company needs to make changes to the way it operates. The plans have no influence on other Bosch operations in the UK.

 Bosch Packaging Technology has outlined plans to stop production of tablet presses and coaters at its Knowsley site, which currently employs approximately 100 staff, but said that it would seek to keep compulsory redundancies to a minimum.

According to Bosch, competition has increased significantly recently and it has become difficult for Manesty to compete on a global scale. And given that new technology demands for solid dose manufacturing have been introduced to the market and because of the increased demand for line solutions, Bosch Packaging Technology has identified the need to adapt its business model to these changed market conditions.

As a consequence, Bosch's tablet presses and coaters would now be produced at two specialist pharmaceutical sites in Germany, Waiblingen for tablet presses and H??ttlin in Schopfheim for coaters.

A statement from Bosch said: "Manesty in the UK will continue to supply a full schedule of services for all its machines delivered to our customers throughout the world. All required competences for technical clarification of spare parts, modernisations and field service would remain.

"The business will now enter into consultation with the affected staff and their recognised trade union. We deeply regret the need to propose this course of action. 

"However, because of increased global competition with greater demand for line solutions and having tried out alternative options to maintain production in the UK, we identified the need to make changes to the way we operate as a business in order to best meet the needs of our customers.

"Moving production to Germany would enable Bosch Packaging Technology to exploit synergies at these already existing pharmaceutical locations, such as technical and process know-how as well as an existing experienced worldwide salesforce, making production of tablet presses and coaters more competitive.

"The service business for delivered machines from Manesty would continue in the UK and we will seek to keep any compulsory redundancies to a minimum. There will be no job losses until 19 March 2016 at the earliest, following consultation with employees."

The facility can trace its roots back to 1905 when a firm of manufacturing chemists in Liverpool called Thompson and Capper Wholesale invested in and became the sole agency for the FJ Stokes Machine Co. To separate the manufacture of pharmaceutical products from the construction of machinery, a new company called Manesty Machines was created in 1920. 

Manesty has since been through a number of acquisitions and in August 2011 it was purchased by the Bosch Group. The business now operates under the Bosch Packaging Technology name.

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