The National Farmers Union Back British Farming this Festive Season' campaign is using the run-up to Christmas to help point out how consumers can support British farming beyond the traditional Christmas roast.
Visitors have used the NFU's dedicated turkey website, which has been featuring in the campaign which helps ensure support for British farmers, and allows consumers to choose a bird that has been fed a natural diet, bred for its natural flavour and reared locally.
Minette Batters, NFU deputy president, said: "When shopping in retail stores we are encouraging consumers to get behind our campaign to support British farming. One of the easiest ways this can be achieved is in buying produce displaying the Red Tractor logo, which also provides a guarantee of traceability, environmental protection, food safety and hygiene and welfare standards.
"The festive season is a time when British produce such as roast potatoes, pigs in blankets and traditional turkey are treasured. And while Christmas dinner is the cornerstone of Christmas Day, British agriculture has a far wider part to play this time of year with the provision of British trees, plants and beers, to name but a few."
When it comes to food we're incredibly lucky in this country as we have the capacity to produce a wide variety of quality food right here in the UK.
Today British farmers produce about 62% of our food supply and by backing British farming, we can become a more food secure nation. British farmers work hard employing innovative, cutting-edge technology to produce food for today and to prepare for the future.
But British farming means so much more than great quality food
• The UK is the fastest growing country in Europe. Supporting British farmers will lead to greater self sufficiency as we grow more of our own quality food.
• Farming grows more than food. Farming and food sectors support families and economic growth by providing over 3.8 million jobs.
• UK farmers' contribution to the economy has grown by £3.1 billion or 45% to almost £10 billion in the five years up to 2014.
• British animal health and welfare standards demonstrate leadership in Europe and across the globe.
• Countryside and environmental improvements instigated by farmers since 1990 include an additional 50,000km of hedges and 70,600 ponds since 1997.

• As energy prices rise and climate issues increase, 1/3 farmers are finding innovative ways to produce both food and renewable energy on farms, providing greater energy security for the UK.

Source: FarmingUkNews

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