Back to the Future: Nike's great 'feet' in Manufacturing

Released in 1989, the time-travelling classic 'Back to the Future Part II' was partly remembered for Nike's interpretation of a then futuristic 2015 trainer. The illuminated self-tying shoe was on every kid's Christmas list that year - and it didn't even exist yet... until now!

In an almost masterful marketing effort, Nike has decided to meet their forecasted 2015 delivery date for the mechanical footwear. A marvellous feet feat in engineering, the ground-breaking shoe will be a limited edition release which is sure to be met with massive demand.

The company have filed patents for Marty Mcfly's automated kicks, which have a button on the side to activate the 'Power Laces'. Much of the machinery to allow the shoes to tie themselves up is built into the bottom of the shoes, using a series of wheels and motors. The shoes will also have a built-in weight sensor which some have speculated could give it compatibility with hoverboards.

'Back to the Future' may have wrongly predicted airborne automotives for 2015, but whilst human engineering may limit our day-to-day transport to being fixed firmly to the ground, why not do it with the latest fad in Manufacturing excellence? 

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