How do you get the best out of your recruiter? How do you get the best roles coming your way? Here at EMS we have devised our 5 top tips to get your dream job by working smarter with your recruiter.

1. Build a relationship

Make it a point to meet your recruiter face to face, speak to them more than once to start to build a relationship, even if there is not currently a job role that you would be interested in. By building a relationship the recruiter will remember you, he/she will appreciate the loyalty, and you will most likely get the first phone call every time there is a new opening which may fit your needs.

2. Be transparent

A good recruiter will lay out the details of their process with you or as much information as they are able to obtain from the client side. Based on this, it is best to meet on common ground to allow us to relay feedback to our clients.  So if you have other offers or if the job presented is not your top pick, let your recruiter know so they can see if there is a way to correct the situation or find something which would be a better option.

3. Keep in touch

To make the process easier, it is best to start with setting expectations for follow up. Timely communication helps us to work through the process and not have to chase you down.

4. Be honest

While we all like to highlight the areas that we can perform well in, don't over exaggerate your skills. If you explain your skills honestly, your recruiter can then prevent sending you on an interview that you may not be prepared for or they can highlight the good and the areas for improvement so the client knows what to expect when meeting you and you can have a more productive interview.

5. Be realistic

Approach your recruiter with your skill set in mind along with your realistic expectations of what it is that you are looking for. Be clear with your requirements so that your recruiter can really focus in on understanding the types of companies and roles that would be suitable to you. 

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Remember the better we know you the more we can help!

Good luck EMS recruitment group 


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