Modern Recruitment: Benefits of Video Interviewing

It is said* that by using current methods of recruitment, the average time to hire is 45 days.

(*copied, pasted and posted enough times online to make it 'fact')

The current hiring process looks a little like this...

Create a job specification > Source or receive CVs > Choose best candidates based on text > Arrange phone interviews > Final interviews from shortlist > Make job offer > Hope they accept

...and all of it takes lots of time and planning!

  • One in Four employers say bad recruiting has cost them over £40k
  • Harvard study found that 80% of employee turnover can be attributed to mistakes in the hiring process
Employer: "Money. Time. Stress."
Recruitment Consultant in the know, "Video Interviews - problem solved!"
Employer: "Tell me more!"

One-way Video Interviewing

A one-way video interview still involves the employer and the job seeker doing all the talking - but at different times or places! The interview questions can be presented to the candidate in either text or video form; you can ask a uniform set of questions or tailor them per-candidate. The applicant then records responses in their own time and uploads it to the employer.

Two-way Video Interviewing

Two-way video interviewing harnesses the 'Skype' experience. With the help of a few wires and a strong internet connection, employers can converse with candidates anywhere in the world! This bypasses the many problems that can come with arranging and travelling to face-to-face interviews.

What if I don't have a webcam? Most video interview applications are mobile enabled. So unless you have a 1990's Nokia, you'll always have a camera at hand.

Benefits of video interviewing:

It's Productive: The candidate has a set amount of time to deliver their video response for the employer and can do so when it best suits them. Employers then review all the posting's applications in one more battling answering machines!

Recruit passive candidates: a candidate can record their interview anytime of the day (i.e after work), they don't have to leave their current job to get to an interview!

Reduces the number of casual job seekers: every position attracts the "mass-appliers", send them back to the CV SPAM'ing abyss!

Gain insights that you can't read on a CV or cover letter: If personality & enthusiasm are key traits for your company culture, what better way is there to identify this in someone early?

Details, details, details:"What did he say?" Ever get off the phone and forgot those minor but important details? *States the obvious* Videos have a rewind and pause function etc.

EMS-intro: Video Interviewing & Behavioral Testing

Better branding: including an intro and outro can reinforce a positive brand experience and help sway a candidate in your favor.

Improve your interviews: Ask more relevant questions in future interviews after reviewing old interviews.

Get the best out of a Candidate: Everyone knows how nerve shattering an interview can be to some people and maybe you're not hearing the best response if applicants are hindered by nerves. The may feel more at ease, prepared and able to put their best foot forward!

Collaborate: Share the interviews with clients or hiring managers to get a second opinion.

Reduction of cost to hire: It's an affordable solution that takes less time and sees improved results. No brainer?

Save on Travel: Two-way interviews are convenient, with no need for scheduling or travel..

Secure new hires at least two weeks earlier: Shortlist and further qualify the final candidates quicker than before. You'll be putting people on the job and operational faster than ever before.

Candidate attraction and reach: Video interviewing attracts attention and extends reach easily to all corners of the county, nation, or globe - especially when leveraging social media.

Access to international talent: Video interviewing is a crucial tool to enable you to efficiently and cost-effectively assess and engage with off-shore talent, helping your business address its talent needs and expand into new markets.

Multimedia experience: Everyone's CV in the modern market will most likely say they're 'tech-savvy', but are they really? This is an early test into a candidate's ability.

EMS-intro: Our award-winning combination of advanced technology and cutting-edge methodology produces, in-depth candidate assessment, streamlining the recruitment process, reducing costs and commercial down-time, and increasing new employee retention.

Video Interviews - Behavioral Testing - Online Messaging

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