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Curry Club 

The first ever EMS recruitment group Manufacturers 'Curry Club' took place last week. Over 25 curry loving Manufacturing and Engineering Managers and Directors, from some of the top companies in the UK, came to enjoy a meal courtesy of us and to hear an insightful talk about 'Skills Shortage in the UK' given by guest speaker Gareth Humphreys MBE from MBDA systems. 

The idea behind the event was to create an inspiring forum for like minded experts to talk about the latest industry topics and to be able to share relevant information and to be able to network in an informal manner, away from the pressures of the everyday business environment.  

Gareth Humphreys MBE talked about the amazing benefits and successes that MBDA were currently having with their apprenticeship scheme in order to combat and improve upon the current skill shortage within the Manufacturing industry. He also brought to the forum the interesting discussion of ensuring that a healthy gender split was given within the apprenticeship scheme, of which MBDA hugely support. This raised so many interesting questions and discussions in the room.

 Curry Club Curry Club

We had also chosen a charity for the night,  the Jaguar Conservation Trust held by Chester Zoo. The talk was presented by Rose Gelder, Chester Zoo's partnerships coordinator. This was a wonderful and insightful presentation on the struggles in preserving the Jaguar numbers in South America and what projects Chester Zoo had in the pipeline in order to help . 

The night was a huge success and everyone waked away full, happy and more knowledgeable!

Due to the success we will now be hosting the events quarterly throughout the year, with each event picking up on a new and exciting topic for discussion along with a chosen charity. Watch this space for up and coming news on the next night........

If you feel that this sounds like a great forum for you and your business and you would like to be added to our mailing list or you would just like to know more information about the night, please email Clare

Hope to see you at our next event.....

 Curry ClubCurry Club






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