Top Tips for Winning the Phone Interview Stage

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Wouldn't it be great if getting a job was as simple as sending a CV, attending an interview and then lacing up your new work shoes to get down to business? Well unfortunately, it's not always that straight forward. Employers normally have dozens of CVs to cipher through and the best way for them to narrow down their shortlist is by conducting phone interviews. Here are some of EMS' top tips for nailing that first stage of the process...

1) Be confident and cheerful:

You might not be a natural over the phone, but conveying yourself as a confident and happy person can work wonders towards securing your place on a vacancy shortlist. There's less pressure than sitting in front of an interview board of three or four people, so relax and let your enthusiasm shine through.

2) Be professional:

You might be in the comfort of your own home with your guards down, but this isn't a Friday night gossip with your friends. Put yourself in a quiet room, speak politely and respectfully and the employer will be ticking boxes on the other end already!

3) Stand up:

This can help your voice to come across more effectively. A clear voice is key down the phone as it allows your potential employer to hear you easily and shows that you have good communication skills. You'll sound more self-confident and dynamic if you stand while you speak than if you sit.

4) Have your application and CV to hand:

In the majority of interviews, you will be questioned on your application/CV. If you have these in front of you your answers will be more accurate and ready to roll off the tongue. You'll also come across as organised, which is always a plus!

5) Listen:

Whenever the interviewer is speaking, do not interrupt them. Show off your listening skills and construct a killer answer in your head before answering with a rushed response.

6) Prepare:

Research the company on Google and have some information in front of you to recite. Knowing the company your applying for is just as important as knowing about your own skills and accomplishments. Review answers to typical phone interview questions and think about how you're going to respond.

7) Use a land line:

Unless your cell phone service is 100% all the time, use a land line instead of a mobile phone. Not that a disconnection will be your fault, but it may leave a lasting impression with the interviewer.

8) Take notes:

You won't remember all that important information the employer gives you while you concentrate hard on your answers, so jot them down for later reference.

9) Follow Up:

Lastly, drop the employer an email thanking them for the opportunity and reiterate any key points you wanted to make. You'll show you're keen and it'll help your chances of reaching that shortlist.

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