Which Universities Produce the Highest-Paid Graduates?


A national survey has uncovered the British universities which produce the highest-paid graduates. Here are the top 10 institutions and the average salaries of graduates within five years of leaving, based on information provided anonymously to Emolument Alumni by tens of thousands of graduates in different professions.

1 London Business School: £69,000

2 University of Oxford: £54,000

3 Warwick Business School: £53,000

4 University of Cambridge: £52,500

5 Cass Business School: £50,500

6 London School of Economics and Political Science: £50,000

7 University of Sheffield: £49,000

8 University of Edinburgh: £48,500

9 Imperial College London: £47,000

10 University of Birmingham: £46,500

(Source: Emolument Alumni)

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